Monday, 22 April 2013

Broadchurch: Questions to be answered...

Who killed Danny Latimer? 

‘There’, you might think, ‘is a pointless blog entry’. That’s the only question anyone cares about… but there’s a few others I’ve been hankering over the past few weeks, and once I’ve unveiled them, I can almost guarantee you’ll be wriggling in your seats, printing off this list even, waiting eagerly till 9pm to pop yourself down in front of the TV and find out the answers:

What had Tom Miller and Danny Latimer fallen out about?

Computer games? Competition at the skate park? Sweets? Borrowed pocket money? Girls? Boys? Ooh, this could get interesting…

Why did Susan Wright suddenly decide it was an appropriate time to give Tom Miller Danny’s skateboard?

She’d just found out that his mum was the investigating officer and perhaps thought, hey, just to move the story along a bit more, to ‘juice this puppy up a bit‘ so to speak, I’ll let them find out all about my grisly past…

Where on earth did Nige get his Crossbow from?

And how, pray tell, is it accurate enough to shoot pheasants with? I’m totally not convinced.

How has Pauline Quirk aged by about 50 years since the last time we saw her on the telly?

I won’t lie, I can’t remember the last time I actually saw Quirky on the box but either she’s had a hard life for the past few years or the make-up department deserves a pay-rise, she be lookin’ oooold.

Why didn’t Tom Miller spill coke on/bury/throw his laptop off the cliffs instead of bashing it up on a wall right where the vicar was going to see him?

Is he a complete numpty, just paranoid, or so guilty he can’t think straight?

What happened to the money/drugs found in Danny/Chloe’s rooms in episode one?

I’ve a sneaky suspicion that someone, somewhere might be having a cocaine-fuelled trip to Las Vegas off the back of this discovery, no?

Who at has time in their day to make graphs, which tell us who the great British public think ‘dunnit’?

If anyone finds this out, this sounds like my dream job, so please provide names, details and links.

Why does everyone now suspect Joe Miller?

Aside from all the recent and noticeable clues like Miller telling Susan Wright “How could you not know what was going on under your own roof?”. This is especially annoying as after episode one I thought I was being clever and original by beaming smugly “It’s Miller's husband. There’s just something about him…” But now it seems too obvious. Gah! Just when you think you’ve cracked it.

Where has the attractive Aussie barmaid disappeared to in the last few episodes?

Has she suddenly come to her senses and realised that the Australian sun, sea and sand is probably better than a summer full of wind, rain and murder?

Why does the vicar know so much about computers?

Online bible studies or perhaps something a little fishier?

How has Danny’s blood been found in the hut, on the boat, and on just about every other surface of the town when the pathologist told us he was strangled?

Wait, was he strangled? It was so long ago I can barely remember…

Is Mark Latimer the father of his wife’s baby?

I mean everyone else has been up to no good, surely we’d be foolish to think that Beth is the only goodie two shoes in the town? Oooh, I feel like a gossipy housewife desperate to spread rumours.

What is going on in the cramped offices of the Broadchurch Echo?

Something has to be going down. As if two local reporters weren’t enough of a nuisance, we’ve got another big city journo trying her luck at a story too. Mind you, they’ve been doing a good job. Saw this outside work this morning… #headlines

Can Rory sense that David (or ‘DI Hardy’ if you want to be pedantic) is the former Doctor reincarnated?

And what happened between him and Amy to make him turn to Vicar-dom? (This one’s for all the Doctor Who fans out there…)

But perhaps most importantly, has Susan’s dog gotten over the trauma of being dog-napped and threatened with a crossbow?

I know I certainly haven’t recovered (from the dognapping incident – not my own experience of being kidnapped and threated with a crossbow – I’d be on This Morning faster than you can say ‘quick buck story’ if that was the case)

So there we have it, just a few little ditties to get you thinking before tonight's finale. Get your 'DCI thinking caps' on and i'll see you and the rest of the nation in front of the TV at 9pm!
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Thursday, 14 March 2013

March Jobs...

Jobhunters unite! And spread the word about these amazing opportunities open for applications this March.

Sky Marketing Apprenticeship 2013 (find in list of grad opportunities)

Closing Date 17 March 2013
If you're more interested in being part of the team that brings the audience to the TV, than making the programmes themselves, then marketing could be for you! 

Closing Date: 28 March 2013 
So you want to make television. You want to be able to sit in front of the TV on a Saturday night and say "We had the FUNNIEST time trying to get the scene lit for this bit...". Well this is for you. Whether you want to be a researcher or a production co-ordinator, Channel 4 has teamed up with some of the best production companies in the UK to offer this amazing opportunity. Get your youtube video sorted. Now. 

Closing Date: 31 March 2013
Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Joseph Pulitzer? A bit of a Trevor McDonald? Digging for stories and revealing the truth? Then this is the scheme for you! Jobs available in both London and Glasgow.

Closing Date: 30 April 2013
If digital is your thing, then this is for you. Only the young, creative, digitally-minded need apply. Get involved with the social, production and marketing areas of SB.TV - the UK's leading online youth broadcaster. 

Closing Date: 5 May 2013
Are you one of those people who just 'gets' maths (if you are, I'm so jealous - numbers could just as well be hieroglyphics to me!). Well that's great, but the problem is, maths isn't all that fun is it?  It is if you incorporate it into a job like this! You'll be helping channel 4 build models (the diagram type, not the kate moss type) to help them analyse their audiences' behaviour. And the best bit? You'll get the chance to gain a Skillset MA in Creative Media Leadership!
Closing date: 28th June
Are you bursting with ideas for new TV programmes? Do you sometimes find yourself sitting on the bus/tube/loo thinking, "Dogs have had their day on British Television, it's time that cats had a chance. TV needs a great programme all about cats. Cats with skills. Cats who can cook or back flip or write blogs." (by the way if anyone uses this as their application idea and gets given a job I'll be not only very jealous, but equally surprised). This opportunity is for people with big ideas and big ambition.

ITV Talent Pools (find in list of all jobs)

ITV Talent Pool Production Runner
For those of you who want to try and get those ever valuable, early-career Runner jobs, this is the talent pool for you. Get into the pool and the opportunities will start coming your way!

ITV Talent Pool Production Secretary
Production Secretaries are the heart of any production, providing administration, organisation and structure to the rest of the production team. 

ITV Insight Pool
So you love watching TV, but if you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, how the magic is created, or even how the business is run, this is the opportunity for you!

The Network

Closing Date: 21 April 2013
The Network is a FREE intensive introduction to working in the TV industry, run by the world’s leading TV festival. Get one of the 65 places on The Network and you’ll spend 4 days in Edinburgh learning practical TV making skills from top programme makers. What are you waiting for?

So good luck to all applying, remember to read the job description thoroughly and write about your own experiences - they want to know about YOU - stand out from the crowd. GOOD LUCK!